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  1. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Terumah
    Sent February 15th 2018

    PARSHAT TERUMA – STRIVING FOR TOO MUCH HOLINESS Parshat Teruma primarily describes the construction of the Mishkan (Tabrenacle). It was an incredibly sacred structure that was endowed with even greater holiness than the Temples that would later be built in...

  2. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Mishpatim
    Sent February 9th 2018

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I found it unusually difficult to communicate the ideas of this Dvar in intelligible writing. I apologize if some find it unclear. PARSHAT MISHPATIM – PREDICTORS OF FUTURE WRONGDOING Parshat Mishpatim (23:1) contains the halacha (Torah law)...

  3. JHI- Dvar Torah on Parshat Yitro
    Sent February 1st 2018

    PARSHAT YITRO – EMBARRASSMENT AND HONOR Upon growing to adolescence, Moshe (Moses) began to leave Pharaoh’s palace to look in on the sorry plight of his enslaved Jewish brethren. On one such occasion, he killed an Egyptian taskmaster who was attempting to ...

  4. Jewish Heritage Initiative - Dvar Torah on
    Sent January 25th 2018

    PARSHAT BESHALACH: PART I – ACTING VIRTUOUSLY BY ROTE PART II – RAISING CHILDREN ON THE PROVERBIAL NARROW BRIDGE PART I Parsht Beshalach describes the events that transpired shortly after Egypt was devastated by the plague of the firstborn. Pharaoh fre...

  5. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Bo
    Sent January 18th 2018

    IF YOU ENJOY THESE DIVREI TORAH, PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING ONE OF THEM FOR JUST $120 - OR MORE ;) PARSHAT BO – THE TORTURE OF MOCKERY The Jews spent 210 years in Egypt, suffering intensely during the last 80 years. That awful phase ended when the Ten Pla...

  6. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vaerah
    Sent January 11th 2018

    PARSHAT VAERAH – DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR Parshat Shemot (7, 15) has the passuk (sentence): “Go to Pharaoh in the morning, behold, he goes out to the water and you should stand to greet him at the river’s bank; and the staff that was turned into a snake, you...

  7. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Shemot
    Sent January 4th 2018

    PARSHAT SHEMOT – REARING CHILDREN FOR HOLINESS This is an edited version of the JHI Dvar that was previously emailed on January 3rd 2013. It was taken from the work Emes L’Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky. * Parshat Shemot describes the events surroundin...

  8. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayechi
    Sent December 28th 2017

    PARSHAT VAYECHI - CONCEPTS OF GRATITUDE This is an edited version of the dvar that was previously emailed on December 28th 2012 Parshat Vayechi recounts that when the Forefather Yaakov’s (Jacob’s) death drew closer, he summoned his son Yosef (Joseph) who ...

  9. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayigash
    Sent December 21st 2017

    PARSHAT VAYIGASH – DERECH ERETZ (RESPECT) Parshat Vayigash continues telling the story of Yosef (Joseph) and his brothers. The great famine predicted in Pharaoh’s dreams persisted. Yaakov’s sons, therefore, made a second journey to Egypt to buy the food n...

  10. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Meketz
    Sent December 15th 2017

    PARSHAT MEKETZ – WHEN RESPONSIBILITIES ARE SHARED        Parshat Meketz describes how Yosef (Joseph) interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. The dreams, he said, foretold seven years of abundant harvests followed by seven years of severe famine. Yosef then advised P...

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