1. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vaerah
    Sent January 11th 2018

    PARSHAT VAERAH – DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR Parshat Shemot (7, 15) has the passuk (sentence): “Go to Pharaoh in the morning, behold, he goes out to the water and you should stand to greet him at the river’s bank; and the staff that was turned into a snake, you...

  2. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Shemot
    Sent January 4th 2018

    PARSHAT SHEMOT – REARING CHILDREN FOR HOLINESS This is an edited version of the JHI Dvar that was previously emailed on January 3rd 2013. It was taken from the work Emes L’Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky. * Parshat Shemot describes the events surroundin...

  3. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayechi
    Sent December 28th 2017

    PARSHAT VAYECHI - CONCEPTS OF GRATITUDE This is an edited version of the dvar that was previously emailed on December 28th 2012 Parshat Vayechi recounts that when the Forefather Yaakov’s (Jacob’s) death drew closer, he summoned his son Yosef (Joseph) who ...

  4. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayigash
    Sent December 21st 2017

    PARSHAT VAYIGASH – DERECH ERETZ (RESPECT) Parshat Vayigash continues telling the story of Yosef (Joseph) and his brothers. The great famine predicted in Pharaoh’s dreams persisted. Yaakov’s sons, therefore, made a second journey to Egypt to buy the food n...

  5. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Meketz
    Sent December 15th 2017

    PARSHAT MEKETZ – WHEN RESPONSIBILITIES ARE SHARED        Parshat Meketz describes how Yosef (Joseph) interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. The dreams, he said, foretold seven years of abundant harvests followed by seven years of severe famine. Yosef then advised P...

  6. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayeshev
    Sent December 7th 2017

    PARSHAT VAYESHEV - EXTREME PIETY Parshat Vayeshev contains one of the most dramatic stories of the Chumash (Bible) - the temptation of Yosef (Joseph). It happened when Yosef was a slave in the household of Potifar, a high-ranking minister of the Pharaoh. Y...

  7. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayishlach
    Sent November 30th 2017

    PARSHAT VAYISHLACH - PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIPS Parshat Yayishlach relates that the son of the ruler of the city of Shechem abducted and sodomized Dinah, the daughter of Yaakov (the Forefather Jacob). In response, two of her 11 brothers, Shimon and Levi, ...

  8. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayetze
    Sent November 23rd 2017

    PARSHAT VAYETZE – WEILDING INFLUENCE Last week’s Parsha describes how Yaakov (Jacob), prompted by his mother Rivka (Rebecca), conspired to have Isaac’s (Yitzchak’s) major blessing diverted to himself from his brother Eisav (Essau). Yaakov parents then adv...

  9. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Toldot
    Sent November 16th 2017

    PARSHAT TOLDOT – PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFENSE MECHANISMS Eisav (Esau).was entitled to a greater monetary inheritance than his younger brother Yaakov (the Forefather Jacob); he was the firstborn son of the Forefather Yitzchak (Isaac), Additionally, being the first...

  10. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Chaye Sara
    Sent November 9th 2017

    PARSHAT CHAYEH SARAH – KNOW THY PLACE Parshat Chaye Sarah relates that Avraham (Abraham) set out to choose a wife for his son Isaac, and he charged his servant Eliezer with the responsibility of finding the right person. Avraham's instructions were to begi...

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