1. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Vayera
    Sent November 2nd 2017

    PARSHAT VAYERA – THE TRUE VIP Parshat Vayera begins by describing that Avraham (the Forefather Abraham) “Was sitting in the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day.” Quoting the Talmud, the Commentary of Rashi writes that Avraham had recently circumcis...

  2. Jewish Heritage Initiative - Dvar Torah on
    Sent October 26th 2017

    PARSHAT LECH LECHA – HUMAN SENSITIVITY Adapted from the teachings of Rabbi Alter Chanoch Henach Hakohen Liebowitz (1918 - 2008) Parshat Lech Lecha begins with Hashem (G-d) commanding Avraham (Abraham): “Go from your land, your birthplace, and from the hom...

  3. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Noach
    Sent October 19th 2017

    PARSHAT NOACH – PEACE AND BROTHRHOOD Parshat Noach describes the downfall of two different civilizations. The first was the entire generation of Noach’s time, among whom robbery and sins of the flesh were pervasive. Hashem (G-d) destroyed them in the Great...

    Sent September 14th 2017

    Beginning on the first day of the month of Ellul and ending 40 days later with Yom Kippur, Jews focus particularly upon teshuva (repentance).” In an effort to further arouse stirrings of teshuva, we translated an excerpt on teshuva taken from the classic T...

  5. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Ki Tavo
    Sent September 7th 2017

    This D’var Torah is being sponsored by Mr. Philippe Bloch of Brookline, Mass in memory of his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Jana Schupf a’h, whose Yahrzeit is Thursday, the 16th day of Elul. PARSHAT KI TAVO – THE IMPERATIVE TO ENCOURAGE Based on the teaching...

  6. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Ki Teitze
    Sent August 31st 2017

    This Dvar was previously emailed on September 5th 2014. Due pressures of schedule, it wasn’t edited at all. It was sponsored by Jonathan C. in honor of his brother's aufruf. PARSHAT KI TEITZEI – GRATITUDE Parshat Ki Teitzei contains the Torah’s prohibitio...

  7. Jewish Heritage Initiative - Dvar Torah on
    Sent August 24th 2017

    This Dvar Torah was sponsored by Mr. Benjamin Francis of Atlanta Georgia PARSHAT SHOFTIM – THE PERIL OF HYPER-FOCUS Biblical Jewish wars were overlaid with spirituality. A war was first sanctioned by the miraculous breastplate of the High Priest that openl...

  8. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Reeh
    Sent August 18th 2017

    This week’s dvar is being sponsored by Matya and Anna Schachter in honor of the anniversary of Matya’s Bar Mitzvah and in honor of the upcoming Yamim Noraim. PAESHAT REEH – THE TRAGIC OUTCOME OF ILL-ADVISED KINDNESS Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (12th century – ...

  9. JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Eikav
    Sent August 10th 2017

    PARSHAT EIKAV – THE SHELF LIFE OF FLAWED THINKING Parshat Eikav contains some of the rebuke that Moshe (Moses) directed at the Jews shortly before his death. As part of that admonition, Moshe recounted what transpired when the Jews worshipped the Golden Ca...

  10. CORRECTED JHI Dvar Torah on Parshat Voetchannan
    Sent August 4th 2017

    (This version contains a small addition to what was emailed last night. ) SPECIAL “ANNIVERSARY” NOTE We are now entering our ninth year of emailing this weekly Dvar Torah. Over the years, many recipients have let us know that they appreciate its unique so...

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